Amy Clare Tasker, 26 January 2014

Third Culture Kids are people who grew up in a different culture than their parents, and

have created their own culture out of many influences.

I called this event to gather stories from people who have a complicated relationship

with the question “where are you from?” Like I do. I loved hearing those stories,

laughing at familiar experiences and ridiculousnesses, sharing difficult truths. Even

more than that, I was deeply touched and surprised to find a community of people that

is as close to “home” as I may ever come.

There are more stories than is possible to recount in a report, and probably a report is

not the best way to tell those stories - and they're not mine to tell, even though they

were so generously shared. So we'll make some theatre about it, and make a space

for ourselves in the world, outside of the tickable boxes. It will be wonderful.

We will get together again very soon to talk about what this piece may be, and how to

make it together. If anyone was not in the room today and is interested in getting

involved, please email me: [email protected] or find me on Twitter


Thank you, new friends.




verbatim, third culture kids, new project, interviews

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Amy Clare Tasker, 27 January 2014

Here are a few more resources for TCKs:

Denizen Magazine for Third Culture Kids.

InterNations online community for expats/ “connecting global minds”

TCKID an online community for Third Culture Kids

Book: Unrooted Childhoods

I would love to set up a TCK artists network across the UK. If anyone knows about something like this that already exists,

I'd love to hear about it. If anyone is interested in helping me start a network like this, please do get in touch!