There is no quality investment because there are no quality ideas

Callum Elliott-Archer, 1 September 2012

Called by Callum Elliott-Archer

Attended by Monique Emily Sophie joe Jeremy Ged Martin Kelly Paula, Oriana, Anthony Kate.

Quality of ideas don't seem to enter conversation. Everyone just talks about lack of money.

Our awareness doesn't stretch outside our small community. There is no true measure of what is quality of work. What are we measuring it against?

Are we being honest with each other in our opinions on work?

Learn how to evaluate your own work

Should be able to trust each other about our feedback, but obviously difficult.

Comparison to different cities has the potential to be dangerous

No quality ideas? More like not good at writing funding applications

Investment = peer to peer investment?

there are quality ideas, no quality engagement and development. Certain journey work needs to go through to get quality investment

There is an expedition that things should appear fully formed, but people need to understand that there needs to be a progression route.

One can ‘label’ different cities in terms of their style. But not Exeter.

Exeter is too forgiving on ‘bad ideas’. It's not about chastising that company, it's about helping them get better.

We personally want honest feedback, but it is difficult to put that in practice.


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