Kate O'Connor, 27 January 2013

This session actually occurred in all the hours that led up to it. The people who had

information about Argentina or wanted to discuss Argentina were:






From these informants I found out that Argentina's theatre is largely based in Buenos

Aires. There are several ‘official’ theatres plus a complex of 3 National Theatres. Then

there are over 300 underground theatre venues. Diego reckons there are more shows

happening at one time than in London. It is generally cheaper to make work there, but

also less likely to make money back than on the London Fringe. These underground

venues will often offer no charge or a 30/70 box office split in the favour of the


Two of the official theatres are Teatro San Martin and Teatro Cervantes. Three of the

Underground venues are: Belisario, Celcit, Timbre 4 and El Camarin de las Muzas.

Diego particularly mentioned a recent show called La Omision de la Familia Coleman,

which was incredible but he can't remember the name of the director.

We also talked about De La Guarda, a large circus company who have had great

success in the UK with their show Fuerzabruta.

You can find work of all styles from physical to circus to Naturalistic.

Other hints for tracking down info were:

the Casa de las Americas festival


So, I'm going to go to Argentina in the next few years and make some work and now

feel like I know where to start. Thankyou!


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Chris Grady, 28 January 2013

Friends of mine are producers of Musical Theatre in Mexico (and some commercial plays) and they also work extensively in

the commercial sector in BA. If you would like me to connect you to them please shout.


[email protected]

Chris Grady, 28 January 2013

Sorry PS - the resident director of Les Miserables is Mariano Detry at the Queens Theatre. He is from BA and has directed

there before moving to the UK.