Convener(s): hannah ringham

Participants: Catherine eckels micheal morris nina steiger anna newell kim caston david jubb stella hall pippa ellis william wan ymi yokowyma Hannah ringham shelley hastings steven hodge

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

shows which stimulated all of the senses
‘Pattabom’ ‘couriousess for the scent’ ‘oraculous’
all of these shows had intimate moments e.g eating something. a couple took place outside the theatre

questions that came up from this

doing a show with a small group –enconomic implications

Site specfic shows or a new term ‘immursive theatre’ the difference lies in that this theatre is not simply about the space

discussed ‘living trhatre’ which was group in the sixties that took place in the moment naked people running around audience get naked. is that interesting well obviously yes and then no to consider how to structure the evening allowing the audience to invest and move in it

in this immursive theare audience are ‘invited to play a game’ consider a sense of place

questions on how to control the audience within all this

a sense of event

a sense of event… the theatre where the theatre is housed how that is a sociale event a place of discussion open to critism…shunt theatre collective place where audience come and pay and watch process take place hang about in bar afterwards to disscuss

bac doing shows where people go to theatre and then physically take theatre into outside world eg show starts get in a car whole world becomes show

immerised in something find sense of self

compared theatre of senses with comedy

discussion based on a loss of ritual beginnings ie what is no longer alive all theatre should stimulate all the senses

action further reading suggested nlp neuro linguistic programming coming down to shunt bar for a drink London bridge vaults , continue discussion luch ‘theatre is anything which engages both eyes and ears’ john cage said that. what about the other bits ears eyes nose boy taste all must continue to be articulated