Some main ideas from the conversation focused around two strands: Theatre production, ie, How do we produce theatre sustainably?, and Storytelling ie how do we tell stories about Climate Crisis in a way that gets through to audiences; how do we include themes about Climate in a way that doesn’t turn people off; how do we empower activism of any scale rather than passivise our audience?
Some key ideas: How do we make more ripples? Ie how do we share information we have with each other and the outside world? How do we make stories heard? How do we get better at what we’re doing so the stories reach a broader audience and inspire activism?
Many Suggestions of organisations, websites, ted talks etc that are good bouncing off points, including:
Rectify the Earth; Forum for the Future; School of System Change – idea that the future is not preordained, we can still escape Climate Armageddon
Mary Robinson – “Climate Justics is a Manmade Problem with a Feminist Solution”
Friday this week – event at V&A on sustainability.
How can we all avoid being siloed, and instead share our ideas with each other and a bigger community/world?
Ted Talk by Kris De Meyer says that when a person takes action in a certain direction, even a very small action/step, that it becomes easier to continue taking more steps in the same direction. So how do we create theatre where, after it ends, people come out feeling empowered to take action; and help by giving them small, manageable actions they can take as first steps
Ideas: Come to Glasgow COP26 and put on guerrilla theatre!
Nordic Larp (Live Action Roleplays) can be a good way to inspire action.

more notes to follow later