Jonathon Carr, 9 January 2016

This group aimed to find some novel solutions to the ideas around funding and

creating a project. Especially for small companies. Below are some of the questions

and solutions that came out as part of the conversation.

- Is there a corporate pool of money we can tap into?

- LGBT Spin - tapping into the work of charities, Gallop etc. Can they give money or

support in kind.

- Never underestimate offers in kind. A rehearsal space is worth £++

- Run workshops with corporate groups, around public speaking etc

- Producer with contacts are key.

- How can you use your creative skill set to turn into cash?

-Days of waiting for money to come along are gone.

- There is the model of 6 months of normal work then 6 months of creating theatre.

- No Edinburgh funding.

- Create a theatre Patreon - so people can give £1 a month but if you find 500 people

to do it, you can get a regular income.

- Council money is still available in some areas. Especially around things like housing.

-European Union has funding that can be used, especially if you plan to tour in Europe.

-Building a development program.

- Drayton arms, cheap fringe theatre in London.

- Remember that money is abstract - what can money do for you. You need to speak

in results not just in figures.

-You can always find props/space cheap.

-Paying the performs/directors

-Making sure there is at least a potential profit.

- Effrective Cashflow.

- Phund me - bespoke kickstarter projects.

-selling tickets in advance.

- Find out what companies and individuals fund theatre, just read the back of a large

theatre list, then write to them.

-Gut instinct - getting outside of your little circle.

-start to make small steps in the fringe towards mainstream.

- Balence of flexability & artistic creativity.

- Talk to your NPO. - Try to get mentoring.

- Take theatre out to the regions! They like that!

-Work out how to get your audiences to come.

- Arts council - chat to the relationship managers.

-Make sure you articulate and stick to the criteria.

- Creative industry Finance.

- Philanthropic.

-Higher education institutions have money and offer money for projects that work with




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