Theatre and Creativity- Is it just a job?

Kitty Randle, 13 July 2012

This question came out of a conversation I regularly have about being a creative in the theatre world and how it impacts on my life outside my work and also what impact the creative industry and theatre industry has in the larger society.

During the discussion it was interesting how it connected back to other points discussed in earlier discussions (age, value, creative process, buildings - where we create) and also the experience of people at different points in their career.

Contributors included; Kitty, Phil, Nat, Michael, Gemma, Mark, Neil

The following points/questions came up during the discussion-

* The creative process doesn't always feel like work and it can be quite difficult to give a time table to creativity.

* Does having a job in the creative industries stop you being creative?

* At the beginning of your career you almost need to run fast throwing your self at opportunities till you come to a place where you can discover what the right choices are for you and your work.

* Working within theatre and the creative fields is a mixture of choice, lifestyle and skills.

* Nora Effron did run her film sets like an office and it did work.

*Working out a healthy relationship with your ‘job’. And how long can you sustain working in the industry.

*How to structure your day and timetable as a freelancer?

* For emerging artists there is mentoring out there but isn't always clear how to access it.

* How you value your work and the value you want to give it.

* Michael - “Yes, my creativity is my job” The skills we gain in the theatre are transferable into other sectors and areas of society.

* Being open to opportunity.


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