In Sutton, there is a lack of respect and understanding of the value of the arts. APPG study of 2017, on Creative Health and Wellbeing, collates reports that show important the arts are in society. Access to arts mitigates social inequalities and improves wellbeing at emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is short-sighted to cut arts access as this will result in increased financial burden through increased health costs.

Artists and community groups need to be creative in their approach to finding funding and not just expect to get money from the council.

Sutton has a plan for the borough, point 4 is 'Quality of Life', we noted that the arts are essential in maintaining and improving quality of life.

Sutton council is difficult to deal with, there is no dedicated Arts Officer. HOW TO SIMPLIFY BUREAUCRACY? This needs to be addressed, an Arts Officer role could help with this. Arts Officer is also relevant as a contact point for facilitating ideas and projects, otherwise we don't know who to contact if we want to run a ward or borough wide project. They do not necessarily have to come up with ideas themselves, we have plenty! Funding does not need to be in place.

Sutton council needs to provide at least moral support to artists, try to be more imaginative and less worried about potential risks. Council needs to enable arts. There are so many empty buildings that should be accessible to artists to run community projects or to have studio space, without expecting artists to pay 'market rents'.

GLA will send link to case studies of successful funding bids. Suggested finding which officers to approach, for example the Regeneration Officer

Croydon council has a very different approach, they are enthusiastic about arts ideas and have a 'can do' approach. HOW TO LEARN FROM CROYDON?
Sutton is desperate for new businesses to come here, look at how Peckham has been regenerated by the arts.

Suggestions to use churches as they have space available.

Consumers mentioned they find it difficult to find out what is happening.

We have the artists and the groups in place to bring the arts to life in Sutton. The ANS website is intended to be a comprehensive 'Arts What's On in Sutton.' This needs to be widely promoted.

Arts Network Sutton should have at least one paid role available for arts liaison facilitating etc, even if there is a council Arts Officer, and even more important if there is no Arts Officer.

Remember that artists need to pay their rent too, so expecting them to do everything for nothing is wrong.