The sun is shining, who wants to come and play?

Fin Irwin, 1 September 2012

This was convened half way through Session 1. A small splinter group of four disgruntled, sun deprived theatre makers stepped away and sat in the sun. The conversatioin bounced around various discussions that were taking place or due to happen. The discussion I want to share is around this question:

I am here because I feel I need to be, more than I really want to be. Am I the right person?

We are here because we are intruiged, we are here because we are part of the community but were are sat in the sun because we are uninspired by discussions, we are tired of talking and not doing and the prospect of of enjoying a brief moment of nice weather is evidently more appealing than the event.

And then we talked about this and we talked about why we felt disgruntled about being disgruntled and we inspired each other in our solidarity and have re-entered the room with added vigour....

So yeah, I guess we are the right people. And the sun is still shining...