Caley Powell, 25 January 2015

As I am someone that has created both webseries and am currently creating theatre and have worked in both fields as a casting director I wanted to run a session based on the relationship between the two and the points from the session were:

- using both theatre and a webseries to engage an audience, there isn't a formula, its something you can adapt for you.

- a producer I know that runs the British Webseries group, now known as Digital Creators UK @DigicreatorsUk and also taught how to make a webseries at Raindance Film Festival and created the Raindance Web Fest as part of the Raindance Film Festival and VidFest Uk as part of MCM Comic Con, produced a play called 3some at the Etcetera in Camden which was the prequel to his webseries of the same name. In the program he mentioned that after the play was over that he was launching a webseries.

-What makes the idea of an idea working as both a play and a webseries is that you can both stand alone as a play and a webseries so you don't necessarily have to see the play to understand the webseries and vice versa but there is a way that they could compliment each other such as having your play be the prequel to the webseries, having a character in the webseries have his own one man or woman show, having a situation start in a play but be furthered explored in a webseries, etc,

- For clarfication a webseries is a episodic story that is available solely online and the lengths vary between shows, for example Netflix produced shows are webseries so House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black are webseries. Suitable to TV series an episode is made available on a certain day or days so your audiences would tune into your channel on the same day every week or know that an episode is available from a certain date for them to view. Some webseries are hosted online by hosts such as Buzz My Videos that help a creator to attract views and are a already established platform with an audience. Some webseries are 5 - 7 minutes in length and if 4 episodes are watched together it is the equivelant of a half an hour TV episode. Some webseries are hosted on their own Youtube channel that builds up audiences.

- there isn't a funding body available for webseries funding, webseries are funded via crowd funding, product placement and sponsorship.

- by hopefully having a successful run of a play and great reviews it is my hope that that could help you get funding for a webseries and vice versa, showing there is already an audience for the idea as a webseries I hope would help you get funding for a play.

- the idea you have is very important and would have to work within this structure, the idea was addressed of whether certain audience members who watch things online wouldn't go to the theatre and are there theatre audiences who wouldn't watch something online? If the idea is suitable and an audience likes the characters and situations then it is my hope that they would want to continue to explore those characters and situations in another platform.

- as well as using the play or webseries to get an audience they could also be used to

help you get funding, any crew that you may need, for example if you were trying to find a camera man for the webseries then you could potentially show them the play to get a feel for the idea, your style, the actors etc and also invite potential sponsors for the webseries to the play or ask the sponsors of the webseries to sponsor the play.

- as British webseries don't have funding and are years behind other countries webseries industry, such as Americas and Japans I am hoping that having a model between theatre and webseries will help us to stand out within the webseries market and attract audiences we couldn't before and I hope that tying in the love of theatre in Britian with the not as established world of webseries that we could help to get a body for funding within the UK for webseries.


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