The Poly, Falmouth needs an awesome general manager. 

Convener(s):Tom Frankland

Participants: Sally, Huw, Dan, Zoe, Nadine, Simon

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

The Poly in Falmouth (a small arts venue) is recruiting for it’s general manager position. My friend, the outgoing manager, texted me this morning to ask if I could help spread the word. This was my response! 

The job can be seen at and the  deadline is Friday 2nd March.

Our conversation took us through a discussion of why rural regions need awesome people and how appealing  and also scary it is to move to somewhere so far away from London. How difficult it is to recruit for positions and where can you do so?

Arts jobs, Arts Professional, but is word of mouth always the best way? Mostly is a job advert already filled but they have to legally advertise it?

Will there be a glut of people looking for work post Olympics when contracts end in October?

We talked about how fantastic Cornwall is and about the Poly, several people had taken shows there and were interested in an arts job that would take you to the seaside.

We talked about babies and families and Huw recommended that when children are babies, you need your mates around you. When they are little they need space to run around and when they are teenagers they need the stimulation of the city.

We talked about difficulties of running a venue and the need to be committed and passionate. We discussed wheteher you should give your audience what they ask for or if a programmer should lead with their own taste.


Deadline for the job is March 20th – plenty of time to apply!