Corinne wahlberg, 27 January 2013

This session was started because I was interested in a few things:

-exploring my fear of getting my hair cut

-stories about hair from women (and men)

-defining and exploring the “jo-complex,” what I define as a disorder where you equate

your hair with beauty. It comes from Little Women. In the book, Jo cuts her hair to

raise money for the family. It was her one “true beauty.” It's a loss that she feels. I

think I might have this problem. (This is something that I TOTALLY MADE UP!) So,

moving forward…

CAN we build a show about this idea about hair and beauty/identity? What is a good

format for working on this idea? Below are my notes!

I have more questions…

DO you like this idea?

DO you have questions or concerns that you think I should address?

DO you want to be involved?

Do you want to come to the performance if it's made?

and lastly…


And also, do you think I should build a website to allow people to post their stories or

just collect them? If you would like, you can send your stories to

[email protected].



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