The guilt of being creative

Laura Stacey, 13 July 2012

Caught between the everyday and the other. Not doing something that is ‘proper.’ The responsibility for your socially labeled success. Doing something that is acceptable.

Reflecting on what you're doing. What you're not doing. And the importance of looking at the not doing of stuff. Looking at where you have come from and stuck in the middle plane between them and them. From your family to something else. Inescapable roots and your in-articulation of what you're doing. Caught between this and that. Coming back and going forward. Not having the right words to describe and having too many words. the space for failure. the hole for misrepresentation. when you move in one direction, but the others move in the other. not understanding what you're doing, but being able to blag to other's that you are definitely understand. the not knowing in space which states that we should “work hard and you'll get what you want.” “I've worked hard, so I deserve it.' Looking back on the ones who helped you get there and valuing the mass of opportunity you had compared to theirs. ”Not paying your way.“ ”the value.“ Spending two years writing about something that you think you've just made up. All the lifts, registeration fees, auditions fees, ballet shoes, tap shoes, pantomine tickets, £20 here and £20 there: the belief it will be different than what they had. What they still have. the outside world. ”Silences are good“- where does that sit in the choas of what is labeled ”normality."


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