The Future of Touring

Convener(s): Marcus Romer 

Participants: Marcus Romer, Tim Flood, Anna Flood, Daniel Buckroyd, Martin Sutherland, Sebastian, Richard Smith, Jennifer E Jordan

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • small/mid/large scale definitions are for funders only
  • audiences do not differentiate between them

make the idea work and then find the right venue(s) to place it in any of the scales or site specific etc

The work is what is important

Need to balance risk with subsidy and allow shared and balanced risk

To avoid companies feeling like second hand car dealers we need shared artistic conversations and for partners on all sides to be in ‘from the off’ on discussions about how best to produce and create the work

A whole organization apporoach is best so all depts and staff are engaged in the project and why it is being made

So work is shared and created not booked by programmers filling slots

Touring discussions to be had widely across sector and ensure that ACE officers understand the needs of individual regions

Who owns the work? No-one person or company. It is shared

More collaboration

We all talk the same language now

Balancing the deal as ticket yield is lower for young people’s work with venues

Early discussions needed, don’t turn up with touring pack

Please add if anything missed out…