Amie Taylor, 2 February 2014

Session called by: Amie Taylor. Attended by: Teddy, Holly, Aliki, Guleraana, Rowan,

Mary, Sharon, Ellis, Mhairi, Ilayda, Eve, Kas, Lorraine and Ross.

We met to share and exchange games of all varieties, there were writers, theatre

directors / facilitators and musicians at the session. We discussed how cross-art form

sharing can strengthen our own practice in whatever we do.

Games Shared:

Contracts (Amie)

Can't dance like me (Sharon)

Ninjas (Amie)

1-2-3, counting in pairs. Replace numbers with action. (Lorraine)

Fiasco (Rowan)

Yes Let's (Lorraine)

n Bonga-bonga-leyla (Mary)

Finger grabbing game (Amie)

Viking Longboats (Mhairi)

Diddly Dee (Sharon)

What are you doing? (Amie)

Sing it (Improv game) (Lorraine)

Budge (Amie)

There will be an EXchange session taking place on 16th February, 10am-4pm, in

Deptford. It is free to attend, all welcome. Please register by emailing

[email protected]



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