The Creation of Success and Value in Theatre

Liz Wainwright, 7 October 2012

Thoughts Inspired by attending and following the Devoted & Disgruntled Roadshow (Leeds)

We have all experienced the enormous satisfaction achieved when combined artistic contributions are brilliantly realised in the creative product that society applauds as great theatre.
The complexity of interactions between Audience, Acting, Production, Design, Direction and Script is thereby fully resolved, creating a great theatrical experience from which is derived enormous added-value to both society and the economy.

The range of creative process used in theatre extends from a group based ‘Conceptual Consensus’ to an individual ‘Conceptual Integrity’ style of working.

‘Conceptual Integrity’ is achieved when great theatre comes from a creative team which realises a script, based upon experience, research and imagination, from a good playwright.

Everyone contributes but ultimately great theatre is determined by some form of script, whether it is written or implicit. There has to be ‘a script’, defining the intended theatre

‘Conceptual Consensus’ occurs when a creative team, whose interactions under the leadership of a good director, produces a great piece of theatre.

The common denominator is ‘The Script’ whether written by – the Writer, Writer/Director, Writer/Producer, Writer/Actors, Writer/Creatives, or even Writer/Audience.
Supporters of theatre, whether through the public patronage of taxation, ‘angelic’ investment, benevolent donation or audience box office, will speculatively seed and ultimately reward quality creativity.

  • Success is assessed in terms of both social and economic added-value and by ‘consensus of acclaim’.

  • Success is ultimately dependent upon the conceptual integrity of ‘THE SCRIPT’, however it is created.

    Liz & Glyn Wainwright
    Inspired by Devoted & Disgruntled Roadshow (Leeds) 7 October 2012


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Success and quality is measured in both its monetary terms and its positive impact on our society.

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