Let’s create a list of people who are willing to share their experience and advice. By adding your details, you agree to be part of the list and contacted by other members of the list in a professional capacity.

Anyone with this link can access and add themselves to this database.

The rules of the list:

1. The list is self-organising. You can add, edit, or remove your details at any time. Please only edit your own details!
2. Please use the list only for one-on-one requests. No ‘hey everyone’ emails.
3. Any issue discussed is confidential.
4. Feel free to invite other artistic leaders in your network to join the list (by sending them the link to this report so they know what it’s about).

Some attendees of the session today were interested in setting up small in-person groups that meet regularly. Feel free to self-organise these using the contact details on the list.

Thanks to all who contributed to thinking through the practicalities of setting up this group!

- Susie & Amy, directors of Pinecone Performance Lab