The Bike Shed Theatre, What is Missing?

D&D Reporter, 2 September 2012

The bike shed theatre, what's missing?

Being open during the day time. Being a resource during the day. This is going to happen and there is a thought that this can only be a positive thing.

The more people that keep coming into the bike shed for positive reasons the better.

Subsidy. Difficult to be the new kid on the block.

Programming budget. Being able to pay the artists that perform there instead of having to do it on a box office split. When you programme companies for more than a few days on just box office split with no money, difficult. This is a city wide problem not just bike shed.

Difficult to decide to work there with no income.

What is preventing the bike shed from being worthy of funding?

Share the view that bike shed is an important part of this ecology

They may be missing an advisory board, people who they respect who can give them advice on certain things. Little bit less about a small group of individuals, and more

about opening things up?

The bike shed have a unique selling point in the way that it is very appealing for people. The bar is great, a buzz and a cultural excitement surrounding it. Maintaining that buzz while come as a great advantage to these people.

They may be in a position in the future to out source shows. And be the producers of shows in other spaces.

There vision for what the bike shed is could extend out of the building and invade the rest of the city or even the county. People have bought into the bike shed brand and it should be spread.

The vision is evident in the environment of the bike shed however there seems to be no vision in the work. This fact is disagreed with, new work!

Quality of work has been a problem but there is a feeling that the changes in the programming will bring in some of that quality. The knowledge of what the show is before welcoming them in can push things.

The bike shed should continue to create the platforms to encourage people to stick around. Creating relationships with other organisations and companies to ensure this is a good thing.

New work aspect of the bike shed is a positive attribute. People want to see new work, and people want to encourage new work to happen. Especially new work that has the potential to be huge.

Come a very long way, with very few people. There is many people able and willing to help in whatever way. The new tactic of developing work during the day and performing old shows during the evenings is one that is GREATLY supported in the circle.


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