Hugh Chapman, 26 January 2014

Changing the world and having fun doing it

The idea is to convene a network of artists who are interested in creative activism.

A network for

- sharing experience and ideas

- developing practice

- devising interventions, creating alternatives & experimenting with new forms of


Thank you the people who joined us for our session: Keir Cooper, Kelly Smith, Jane

Hobson, Noreen Meehan, Simon Bayly, Ellie DuBois, Jennifer Lunn, Alice Fernbank,

Dominic Campbell, Vanessa Hammick and we also talked with Gemma and James

from Action Hero, Tom from Populace Theatre and others

Our plans are ongoing. We are thinking of setting up an event in May to continue the

conversation. Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part.

Sian Rees : [email protected]

Hugh Chapman : [email protected]


political engagement, sustainable protest, creative activism

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Hugh Chapman, 15 May 2015

“Any medium is a tool for cultivation. If the digging is best done through performance; we'll perform; if it needs a talk, we'll

research and talk; if it needs a meal, we'll cook it; if it needs direct action, we'll be there. Our work is not fiction or

entertainment, it is building society.” from Platform Manifesto, 1987.