Giulia Rabozzi, 25 January 2015

What a rich conversation we had! Time passed by so quickly and I feel this isn't over yet. I started this session because I wanted to share and meet other walkers in order to connect the experience of walking, of pilgrimage, to the essence of acting.
I find it difficult to report what happened because of language barriers, but I hope other participants will add their own thoughts to give a feedback of a time of openness which made us more connected to each other, to our stories, to what makes our eyes shine. For those who love to walk, Dan suggested the Sidewalking Festival (did I get it right?), two weeks of walking and performing along Belgium. In Great Britain you also have kind of itinerant concerts in cabins dislocated on mountains.

In the report sheet there's another tip: Robert Macfarlane's “The Old Ways”, an interesting book.
Having packed all this things, I'm putting them in a “wardrobe” and charge it on my shoulders (will it be too heavy?): now I'm ready for the Act of walking: how will it be? Maybe it's the “Law of two feet” brought to life... walking is about recentering your awareness, forgetting straight directions and high pace and enjoying the present moment with open mind, paying attention to the outside as well as the inside, connecting with the reality, with nature. Walking gives you the experience of being part of nature, your senses are vivid, and when it becomes dark... your imagination makes theatre.

Ok, let's stop the poetic stuff. We thought it could be great to gather people and have a long walk together. Why are we walking? The initial intention shapes your attitude,

everything ca be part of the performance: a memory which suddenly come to one's mind, the intuition of a deeper connection among things, a story... It could be great to let walking be a space for people to tell their stories, whithin an open structure, an Open Space like this.

Maybe I didn't get everything right, but I came here with a path in mind and I was surprised (“Be prepared to be surprised”, indeed) by the contributions, the ideas, the stories and energy of the people who were there at the Snake this morning. Thank you guys, I would love to develop this conversation and realize this idea of an Open Walking Space!


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Dee Ishani, 27 January 2015

I don't know if it's of interest but there's an app called CharityMiles and if you have it enabled during a walk it'll raise money for a charity.

Giulia Rabozzi, 27 January 2015

Wonderful! Thank you Dee, I will keep that in mind during my next strolls (even though for long walks I usually don't take technology with me - we were also talking about what's essential, what to bring in order not to make your rucksack become a wardrobe)!