Support for emerging live artists

Astrid Breel, 30 June 2012

Present: Astrid Breel, Bee Watson, Jojo Townsend.

Discussion centred on some of the challenges on starting out as an artist and who you can ask for opportunities.
Bristol is a good place, with a supportive artist community and has places like Theatre Bristol who are very helpful.

Wondering whether terms like ‘emerging’ are too narrow and unhelpful for describing artists - when are you emerging and what happens once you have emerged? Who decides this?

Thinking about what we need - so we can ask specific questions - such as using spaces, help to pay for materials, and particularly to show new work for the first time (even if the producer hasn't seen your work yet) would be very helpful.

Sharing ideas for opportunities (also specifically across regions and cities) would be very good.


emerging, opportunities, live art