Comments included
- do people from some under represented groups inc D/deaf and disabled artists, artists of colour not perceive that OA is for them - and how can we address that?
- how can we increase representation of artists in OA as well as audience attendance - these two points are linked
- there needs to be representation of deaf and disabled people, and people of colour, in decision making positions and on boards to affect real change
- many non disabled people make assumptions about what disabled artists can and can't do
- there is better representation of diverse artists in the genre of dance (in OA) than other genres

- ACTION - there was an agreement that it could be useful to organise a casting for deaf and disabled artists and artists of colour who are interested in working in OA - Maggie from XTRAX, Charlie from Wildworks, Claire from Extraordinary Bodies, Mel from 101, and Angus from OAUK will follow this up
- venues / festivals don't always/can't always support the access services requested by visiting companies; could more be done to support companies to do this themselves? though it is recognised that some companies may not have the resource to deliver this
- would it be useful to offer training or support to artists / companies in delivering access services? could there be more information sharing between companies about what works? There are many online resources on eg Outdoor Arts UK website, Extraordinary Bodies - but this could be supported by artist to artist support