Li-E Chen, 30 January 2017

Summary of an action: Creating a bursary for DandD 2018

This is a summary of my action after taking part of Devoted and Disgruntled 12: What

Shall We Do About Theatre And The Performing Arts Now?

- I would like to take my own action of making a donation as a beginning step of

raising funds to support DandD about the future of the performing arts.

- I feel this can be a new experiment of raising awareness that the diverse network of

individuals at the DandD events, people may feel that they are outside of theatre,

performance art, or DandD but are welcomed and supported to take part. I hope a

bursary that offer people who are from sculpture and performance background.

- I hope by doing this, it can make a difference for many people who engage and

participate in the future events, and shape the future of theatre and performing arts