Strategies for a sustainable, artist run venue

Adam Young, 4 October 2012

A group averaging 8-10 people with a total footfall of around 30.

The discussion focused around the new enterprise Live Art Bistro of which I (Adam Young) am part of. We looked at other examples of artist run spaces across the UK as well as some further afield. The business models for each we interesting: some generating income from studio rentals, some by co-op style pay what you can, along with other models - in the most dedicated - a live-in communal style arts space.

After much debate on the particular positives and negatives of the various arts/bar spaces in leeds it was decided that action should be taken for all interested parties to sign an expression of support for the need of a semi-permanent space to facilitate the needs of the performance communities in Leeds. The plan is to begin talks with the council to see how feasible this would be in partnership with them. We have also agreed to reach out to our various contacts/networks to find potential space.

To keep in the loop on how this develops follow

One link of interest is in attendee Olya who has plans to create a space in LA (USA) with similarities to LAB.


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