Stories & Learning

Convener(s): Lawrence O’Connor 

Participants: Louise Platt, Amy Wackett, Andrew McLay, Jennifer Pearcy-Edwards, Stephen Darcy, Colin Atkinson, Thomas Hescott, Cheglee Houston, Alison Goldie, Liz Porter, Andrew McLay, Rachael McGill, Antonio Arrara, Jen Lunn, Zoe Cobb, Mary O'Connor, Dominic Cambell, Martin Aukland, Mark Pheonix, Sharon Seager, Kiplacet, Rupert Jones, Grefor Henderson-Begg, Jack Knight, Nick Coupe, Lawrence O'Connor

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

This session was a truly amazing, inspiring and encouraging dialogue by a group of people both passionate to both contribute and to listen. 

The participants requested that the map that resulted from the session be the included as reference in the record of the conversation.

Time permitting, text notes to explain the ideas will also be added.

The ideas discussed extended and interconnected rapidly with passionate sincerity. The map also grew rapidly, therefore, and so it is presented in sections below in the interests of legibility. It is best viewed in colour.