Mayou Trikerioti, 7 June 2015

Provoked by Mayou Trikerioti

Attended by Catherine Kontz, Alexia Anastasiadis, Poppy Burton-M. ++

-There is a small repertoire of work

- trying to make things work and be current / accessible / contemporary / relevant to people here and now

- done right it enhances the story

- how much new information can an opera hold? “stuffing” with information and gimmicks and not trusting the story

- may look forced and not justified from the audience point of view

- example voiced on a someone coming to a librettist in order to commission a libretto already with a concept this early on.

- arrangement that “no director tries to squeeze a concept in a play” and no director said “I want to stage something in mars lets find an opera that accommodates my dream.

- example of ”cosi“ and the misogyny in it. Would a modern staging make it more relevant or seem that that's what it is about? using a concept to problem solve the problems in the opera rather than just to ”make something new“

- concept coming from the designer and not the director. again, sometimes this may work or not for the audience.

- creative team working together very early on, and even devising the opera together as designer brings images that inspire librettist and or composer.

- designer handed in a concept by the director ”ex. we are doing this in opera in this era".

- contemporary opera does not have this problem


concept, reinventing, contemporary, Contemporary, staging