Stage Management – What’s the point?

Convener(s): Helen Mugridge

Participants: Helen and Simon

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • SM/DM – invaluable to designers both LX and set
  • How do you create more of a network between SM’s, as it is quite a solitary profession. Could the much talked about forums be a place for this??
  • A show without a DSM is often not a coherent one
  • An SM is c central point of contact before and during a production period for both artists, directors and designers. Meaning there is one central cog to ensure the performance runs smoothly.
  • Artists often don’t understand the value of a good SM until they have been without, or had a bad experience.
  • D&D this year feels like it is lacking in ‘techies’ to discuss the issues that effect us. How do we improve this for next year?? More word of mouth??
  • Do SM’s need to talk about their work more?