Mungo Beaumont, 6 October 2017

What spaces are there to make, perform, use, work in for artists in Hull? Who needs space? How? What can Hull do better?

* Middle Child will be taking over ‘The Darley’s Arms' from April 2018, and want to share it with local artists. What will be useful? The idea of permanency and ownership is important - somewhere for artists to leave equipment/items.

* Hull Truck have an office space, and a rehearsal building on Beverley Road, but both broadly available to Hull artists.

* Generally, there is a lack of studio space in Hull. Hull Truck's studio isn't the best environment for making work.

* Hull Feren's has a studio space.

* Hull Uni have rehearsal rooms to rent.

* There is a lack of suitable dance venues in Hull. Hull New might be a good venue for dance.

* Stage @ the dock is one of Hull's most exciting new spaces.

* Public transport an issue for getting to different spaces in the city.

* There is a lack of office space for artists.

* Assemble Fest is a really good use of public space, facilitating work in unusual spaces.

* Has anyone done a ‘space’ audit of Hull's spaces? Hull 2017? Hull City Council?

* Need a new means, or hub point, that can connect hull venues with artists looking for space. A digs list equivalent? Could Hull CC co-ordinate?

* There is workshop and performance space at Scrap Store, near Hessle Road.

* It is important for artists to have some form of ownership over the spaces they occupy.

* Self taping studio for actors? Also, must think about space for independent artists, not just companies.

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Isaac Acheampong, 7 October 2017 Ground on Beverley road is a good model of engineering free, cheap, affordable space, as is the model used by Hull International Photography in Princes Quay…etc. Go and speak to them?. Perhaps an obvious point, but have you also thought of all the empty often boarded up commercial spaces around? Their owners are likely paying hefty business rates. Charity /non profit status organisations can occupy these spaces which allows these spaces rate rebates and actually save their owners money. Often, artists will clean up the spaces. Their presence will deter vandalism… it's a classic win win…I've heard of property owners so switched on to this that they even give money to artists to occupy their spaces. Unfortunately I've also heard of owners so switched off that they can't fathom letting artists have free rent, even though they are saving money and gaining a reputation for philanthropy!