Social networking systems as a marketing tool

Convener(s): David Johnston

Participants: David and Lindsey Hope Pearlman

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Very brief session-both agreed that we needed to get more exercise and have a stretch, rather than talk too much

David runs Tangere Arts in Derbyshire, a small theatre company, mainly presenting shows and workshops for children and families,

With a very small budget- 

(company operates out of David’s back office in the village of Tansley, near Matlock, and survives on unpredictable project grants)

Tangere, however, has had remarkable success, with some of its plays, mostly by recently deceased playwright, Noel Greig, being performed nationally and internationally at festivals and in well-known theatres, from the Meyerhold in Moscow to the Unicorn in London

The problem for Tangere remains how to spread the word re our work even further abroad, with even further reduced administration and marketing budgets, and a growing portfolio of excellent work

Lindsey’s company in New York, Horse Trade, faces similar, if different problems, being unfunded and comprised of young performers and artists

They have solved this in a range of ways using networking systems, especially Facebook


  1. use a page on Facebook -upload photos, company information, plans events, audition information etc
  2. organise events on Facebook to advertise coming performances
  3. enroll interns/volunteers who understand the technology and want to support                                                                    E.g. Tangere has a relationship with Derby University students of performing arts, which currently consists of sharing our work with them, but could be taken much further
  4. invite people to become a fan of Tangere, and offer them something special
  5. get a small number of regular fans to champion the company and keep reminding the network

Keep the fans updated

Lindsey had a number of other recommendations from the New York experience

Which we will now try out in deepest Derbyshire

I will update the ning etc on any interesting developments

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