Participants: Annette Mees, Ben Eaton, Dan King, Justin Audibert, Rachel Parish, Sharon Smith, Martina Von Holn, Emma Kelly, Mark Grimmer, Geraldine Pilgrim, Jo Hammett, Dan Marsden, Duncan Brown, Melisande, Sarah Entristle, Shaeran Thomas, and two others whose handwriting I cant read! SORRY!

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I held the meeting with the intention of finding out the practicalities and legalities of performing a site specific piece, a kind of check list to be aware of when embarking on this, as this is something my theatre company, Room For Pudding, are wanting to achieve for their next production.

Mentioned that RFP are specifically looking at derelict venues, it was suggested to look at Shoreditch Town hall as this has rooms which are derelict looking, whilst still fully functional in terms of electricity supply etc. Aldwych overground station.

Advice Given:

Contact the fire department, police department – asking what they would check on, what we need to be licensed for.

Contact the local council (anonymously) regarding licensing. Suggestion NOT to say licensing for public performance as apparently this can be a huge nightmare and the way to get round it is to enquire about a ‘moving exhibition’ – non licensed, referring to audience as spectators and viewers – advertise the piece is various events listings not just theatre listings so that the piece is non-catergorised.

Contact Live Art Development Agency

Contact Live Admin

Contact the production managers of large scale events to advise on the legalities you will face.. suggested to contact the production manager of Faust – Colin Marsh.

Maybe get a B.A. Production manager on board.

Contact security guards of the buildings you want to use as they usually have most info of who owns the buildings, who comes and goes etc.

Talked about the recent change in Temporary Licensing Law – the fact that it limits you to only a few performances per license – THIS SHOULD BE CHANGED!

Talk to London Bubble – did site specific piece in four different council flats – ‘My Home’ - Jonathon Hetherbridge.

Get a risk assessment – if you are going to bend/break the law you should know that you are!

Suggested the process would be:

  • find the building
  • get permission to use it
  • have you artistic ideas
  • check these ideas with a health and safety officer/production manger who will notify you of the limitations.

Need to get public liability insurance for each particular project – will be around £700 mark (for insurance up to £5,000,000) This could be cheaper if you get this to cover you for the whole year.

  • Contact these insurance companies
  • Torrible
  • Wright Sure
  • Gordon and Co.

Beware of admitting you have North American performers in the company – they increase your premium because they are liable to sue.

Contact ISAN - Independent Street Arts Network

Told to speak to Sarah Jean Couzens the company administrator of Mischief La Bas - apparently she is here at this event.. where are you? Hullo there!!

This session then evolved into a discussion about funding but generally there was a strong feeling not just from those wanting the info but from those who have gone through this themselves (and are willing to provide this information), that there should be some kind of forum for discussion or formal document which outlines such guidelines for this for people who want to create this kind of theatre and don’t know where to start……here lies the beginning of that document!