Sit Com          

Convener(s): Rachael Spence


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

How can we research and develop a sit com in the same way we might a new piece of theatre? How can we find the sit for the com and get funded to do so? IE: Without doing in our houses for free. In theatre there is money for research and development-you can go into a room with relatively few ideas and discover your story, characters, sit, com etc as you go. Can we do this in tv? And if so how?

  • Say its as a piece of theatre at first in the r and d stages then turn it into tv after.
  • Find a rich man (or woman) to fund these initial stages.
  • Find out names of people in relevant independent t.v production companies and ask if you can have a coffee chat to ask their advice on how you might go about it.
  • Do it in your house in your own time and just get on with it.