Rose Biggin, 27 January 2013

I figured that, on the whole, it would probably be fair to say, that #DandD8 is, when

considered as one big mass, it's quite talented. Really talented, you could probably go

so far to say it's really talented.

But I don't care about that. We know about that.

Here's what else #DandD8 can do:

- a mexican wave with the eyebrows

- a two-footed take-off handstand

- a finger-chopping magic trick

- a middle-digit waggling finger trick

- the banana banana banana splits

- the “Jeannie McColl” by Rabbie Burns

- a moving of the eyeballs independently of each other

- eyebrow dancing

- tea voodoo

- deepthroat a banana

- eerily omnipotent twentieth-century american musical theatre chronology knowledge

- “I can put my foot in my armpit while standing up”

- Various Facial Funnies: curly tongue; a tongue 360; monkey face; stretchy cheeks

- the spelling of long words backwards

- the singing of a self-penned acapella ditty

- a poetic recitation of the kings and queens of england, from william i to the present

(audio pending)

- a witch's cackle from the depths of hell itself (audio pending)

- the rap from When The Lights Go Out by 90s heartthrob boyband 5ive, plus a

selection of middle-eight raps from the more obscure cul de sacs of the Spice Girls'

back catalog (audio pending)

- finger contortion

- double-jointed thumb mischief

- “i can do… any animal” (examples given: giraffe, rooster; of which I can only vouch

for the authenticity of the giraffe - R)


#DandD8 can juggle the following:

- four pens

- four lemons

- two lemons plus one apple while the apple is being eaten

- balls on the side of the head


- flash pirouette

- magical and dramatic crowd-pleasing five ball

throwing-really-high-and-catching-them finale. Woo!


juggling, utter loneliness, party tricks, people doing awesome things, never actually

invited to parties, physical feats, sponteneous performance

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Chris Grady, 27 January 2013


German Munoz, 28 January 2013

“A witch's cackle from the depths of hell itself ”. Accurate description. It was quite unsettling. Definitely a unique talent…