Should Theatre Have Limits?

Rebecca Phillips, 29 September 2012

Becky Phillips, Claire Rattenberry, Julia Bolden, Marcello, Shaun. Emma, Mehrdad.

- how far can you push limits, until an audience will leave? - Are you doing it to get a reaction?
- What is classed as tabboo anymore?
- shock factors/meaning.

- ‘daring’; how far will you push yourself?
- Concepts/Integrity. Is there a reason for it?
- do you trust the person making it? is there any truth in the work?
- being different for the sake of being different - postmodernism?
- how far is too far? when does theatre become real? e.g. on stage torture.
- Theatre being involving...
- cross cultural variations. e.g. french/british cinema.
- when does cinema becomes porn?
- News broadcasting. why is personal information important to the general public? e.g. Syria. - can you trust the people delivering?
- In the theatre, as an audience ‘you know its not real’
- Comfort Blankets.
- Moral Codes.
- How visible/invisible permanant/tempory are limits?
- Who is in charge of ‘limits’?
- Manipulation.

- Burlesque / porn. at what point does performance stop?\
- Getting Carried Away...
- Stanford Prison Experiment - begin as friends, eventually character role becomes too much.
- Even if you know the story, expectations could change.
- Pandoras Box.
- Testing limits in life throughout adolescents to see where boundries are.
- loopholes in boundries. when people say ‘no’ you find ways of getting round it.
- Limits are nessisary to create boundries to cross. ‘rules are meant to be broken.’
- limits breed creativity.
- Generational differences. what is okay now compared to the 60's. e.g. LGBT
- wanting what you can't have.
- In the UK today we are living in a time where most people are quite open to most things.


staging, boundries, shocking, extreme, different, limits, deviation, tabboo, definition of art, morals, art, pandoras box