Should/ Must Canterbury's Institutions be Doing More to Foster Arts development

william aubrey-jones, 19 September 2012

  • In this area are artists doing it for themselves?

  • Artists in the discussion said that while local institutions (the council, theatres, universities) had not mentored them this service had been provided by other more established artists.

    Also a feeling that actually this was a better form of mentoring.

    • Big institutions are no longer able to commit the time to mentoring as their time is severly stretched with budget cuts there for this service needs to come from elsewhere.

    • Canterbruy City Council is not seen to be on the ground going to events and seeing artists work.

    • However things like their Creative Canterbruy website do provide good avenues for networking and connecting artists.
      Artists feel that the people keeping future artists in the area is artists. Not inititives by institutions.

  • It was questioned what exactly Canterbury City Council Arts development does from day to day and suggested that prehaps the money spent on staff would be better distributed to artists!

  • Hovever others said that they did feel that whilst they were not preasant on the ground they were good at making connections.

  • Artists with residencies questioned the value of the residency other than having a name to put on an application.

  • It was discussed how important it was that there is a mutually benifitial relationship to residencies.

    In Conclusion:

    • They Should be seen to be doing more

    In this area it is artists not institutions that are developing local arts provision and networks for artists.


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