Alexander Lehman, 26 January 2013

Had one attendee.

Ellis also wanted to know how to get into motion capture, though he had some advice


-it is hard to get into, the best thing is to get to know people in the industry, rather than

expect auditions to show up through traditional avenues

-speculated that most mo-cap work is in video games, not film

-make a minute-long movement show-reel of yourself (in tight clothing) and send to

motion capture studios

We discussed Andy Serkis's success as a motion capture actor. Ellis suggested that

he is almost like a ‘hand-model’ in that they are mo-capping his face and not as much

his body.

We briefly touched on the question of whether our interest in motion capture was

economic or artistic. In both cases we were thinking of it as a revenue stream more

than an artistic outlet. To me it seems like a modern mutation of the mask and I see it

as a potential mainstream use for my Lecoq-based training.

Ellis further suggested that I think of my puppetry skills as a potential motion capture

route. This leads to a weird feedback loop, considering that Yoda was originally a

puppet, then CGI, and then potentially… a motion-captured CGI puppet?? Augh! Is

there a need to motion-capture puppets?

We left it at that, and then discussed a project that he may need puppeteers for in the


If you need a puppeteer, e-mail me at gmail: alex.f.lehman


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