Sex(y) onstage?

Convener(s): Phelim took some sparse notes late in the day.. Random participants.

Participants: This was an impromptu butterfly chat which turned into a conversation about what sex onstage.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

This chat ranged around the subject of sex onstage and how it was portrayed. What was genuinely sexy? What wasn’t? We noticed that we kept ending up talking about sexing films and that may be some indication of the problems and issues of the presentation of sex onstage. The notes are very sparse as we often got distracted… so sorry it’s a bit random. 

Things that were discussed were..

In the propeller company the exploration of sex onstage was often easier or went to edgier places because it was an all male cast.

The presentation of people having sex onstage often was NOT sexy.

Sex onstage often gets coupled with violence or dark issues.

We gave examples of things that weren’t sexy:

Celebrities doing sex breaks a spell ooh look it’s Daniel Radcliffe!

Certain performers were sexy.

Visceral shows like \DV8 Gecho/ De La Guarda could be sexy 

We talked about specific characters that we thought were sexy to play.. 

The promise of a kiss and the anticipation were more sexy..

Playfulness was sexy

Honesty was sexy

Joking about this topic was quite sexy..

Checkov plays were perceived as sexy because they had unspoken crushes/love in them.

We agreed that sex onstage was difficult and different from sexy onstage.. This was also why improbable had decided to do a show about sex/love and that it was a difficult challenge.

Bill Nighy

The Play: Quartered

We brainstormed a play we wanted to see that was sexy.


Unsaid Crushes

It has:

An unsaid crush

Three people

Some comic characters who are incredible funny

Ithas some visceral physical moments

One menacing character

A hole in a stocking


Proper real swearing




Someone who owns the stage with presense

Something wet (Clothing?)

The warmth feeling from a big sun

A tickle that turns into a slap


Along the way we had lots of fun making tasteless jokes..

Someone told me all her discussions ended in talking about sex. There was a lot of energy around this small chat group that grew into a much bigger group. We felt it was an important topic to discuss. More of this please