Sex on/stage

D&D3 - Final morning, issues into (some) actions. Maybe.

Sex/Sexuality/Gender/Passion/Politics/Performance – not quite ten stars, but a lot of passion … 

Issue : 75, Sex on/stage 

Champions : Stella Duffy, Alan Cox

Associated Issues :

13 – aesthetics of casting

24 – queer Theatre

28 – did women Have a renaissance?

39 – can you have a relationship when you’re an artist?

41 – is there a place for God in the theatre?

47 – why are people so intent on nudity in theatre?

60 – who are you? do you like your label?

74 – can theatre and performance challenge the objectification of women in society and the media?

80 – has modern theatre degenerated from rebel without a cause to perv without a purpose?

85 – can you have a child and be an artist? And why doesn’t the National Theatre have a crèche?

No issue number yet – The current burlesque revival - the body as political map – what the fuck?

Next Actions/Person(s) responsible :

  • follow up on crèche : next D&D/National/elsewhere
  • add report from Burlesque session to full report
  • create the forum that would be a discussion between burlesque & more trad forms of sex/sexuality performance (strippers etc) as discussed in Burlesque session.
  • differentiate in everyday conversation between sex/sexy/good-looking/beautiful/attractive etc – recognise and own distinctions.
  • clarify understanding of gender and sexual orientation differences in questions of identity
  • invite a sex worker and a burlesque artist to have a conversation

Which led to :

We feel passionate/acknowledge a passion/feel an engagement in these questions. Where is that passion in our discussions on ACE? On climate change? Etc etc.

There is a political context to some/all of this too. Feminist/class/race/gender/sexuality contexts to all the sexuality issues. 

  • Where is the passion?
  • Why isn’t (all) theatre sexy?
  • A re-revolution?
  • “Nine Slaps Then Maybe a Yes” - © Bette Bourne (surely this is a show/ten short plays? - Stella)
  • Open Space as a dating event – ‘Desperate Dating’

And so we will …

Make a Shunt D&D session, that will convene a working party/discussion/whatever is needed to set up an Open Space to do this. Help this discussion happen. Let it be heard. Whatever the discussion is that combines the whole sex/sexuality/passion/performance/politics thing. 

  • Stella is writing this up (done!)
  • Phelim/Improbable will work out which/when of the Shut D&D’s it’s to be (perhaps not immediately, so we can make sure to give the out-of-Londoners time to come and join that evening if they want)
  • Stella is making an email list of people who want to be involved in this discussion (either the working party D&D Shunt evening, and/or to be kept informed when the Open Space will happen.) contact me at [email protected] to be added to the Passion List, and/or check facebook page.

(Obv those of you I’m emailing this to, I already have you!!)