Unlocking the gates (and keeping them unlocked): the journey from saying YES to everything to carefully curating your projects and collaborators with openness?

Who wants to work with me?

I want to do a project fundraising for D&D- money for D&D communities to make theatre

What's the point of if all (or why are we still doing this?)

stART Council: should the Arts Council partner with Kickstarter?

Lets all defeat Andrew Lloyd Webber

Is there still a place for the drama school = agent route? Is it better or limiting?

Booking your first tour sucks - How can “emerging” artists/companies best share resources/knowledge?

Green Ey'd Monster- kill yourself or kill the other guy?

What is success anyway?

Help me to put hearts into dolls. I brought 12 dolls

Collectives over companies?

When does working for free start to undermine our ability to get paid in the future? (and does it undermine all of us?)

Alternative currencies: time banking, cultural pounds 

Is comparing ourselves to others damaging or an effective way of bettering ourselves?

Lots of “young” artists want to make their own work. How can this be supported without having 1 million companies that are all finding it a struggle?