Chris Grady / Gregor Davidson / Natalie from tiatafanodzi / Mariam Nabarro / Tania Azevedo / Gary Thomas / Ezra Bredins

Thoughts that flowed:
a) How to draw in the incoming theatremakers, the Europeans who look to Scotland, the Dispora, students studying in Scotland, the Refugee and the transient theatre community.
b) Could we do a 2 day Open Space – have one day in Edinburgh, one in Glasgow – Yes – a bit of a tec and logistics challenge, but could be worth it.
c) There was felt a need to make the question challenging/urgent enough to make people take noitice. Maybe the Radical Voices (who are they) can help to put out the call.
d) Felt that this is best as an independent event, in a non specific space (so whilst Rockvilla at NTS might be ideal, it may also give a sense of reserve in some people we would like in the room) Maybe a church in Central Edinburgh, think of spaces in Glasgow
e) Not in August. Maybe May/June when there is a reason for non Scottish to visit for the Film Festival or pre-meets at Fringe venues.
f) Important to think always about the Voices Not Heard.
g) “If you are living in Scotland you are welcome” is a sense offered by the Government etc…(tongue in cheek…)…we have very low life expectancy so we need you.
h) “If you were born in Scotland then you are welcome to return” – sometimes different to find your way back. Not a lot of churn in jobs and opportunities.
i) Remember rural touring, community work and all sorts of arts which are NOT international or UK wide, they are needing different things from those who may be wanting to look outward at collaboration, international, festivalks etc. All must be welcomed
j) Ideally the name of the event references D&D – S & Scunnered maybe – where S is a word for pride, devotion, love, importance or something in Scots. Our Scottish friends couldn’t think of the word.
k) One NPO Exec said that what is great with D&D is that it is not the same faces around the meetings and discussions – on arriving here they didn’t know many people.
l) Involve FST, Creative Scotland, Venues and networks etc – but not have it owned by them.
So how do we come together, how do we offer a space which attracts all, how do we deliver the energy and the amplification to get a good turn out. These are practical logistics which are soluable.
Gregor and Chris agreed to Actions:
a) Talk Creative Scotland to see if there might be a small pot
b) Talk Improbable about costs, guidance, involvement
c) Do a quick budget for a May/June date
d) Find a Glasgow venue…then an Edinburgh venue the day before or after
e) Shape an urgent question
How do we connect, create and celebrate Theatre and the Performing Arts in Scotland ?
What do we want the future of theatre in Scotland to be…and what are we going to do ?
What does it mean to be a theatremaker in Scoland
What do we want the creative landscape of Scotland to look like