Science and Art

Convener(s): Zoë Cobb [email protected]


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

This is very rushed and roughly put.  There will be an email with further information if you check with the D and D lists.  Feel free to email me.


Curious Directive – worked on a piece with Neurological disorders


Unlimited Theatre Company – Mission to Mars

The Ethics of Progress


We have a responsibility to the fact and truth when we use science in the show.

Dr. Gail Iles


Y Touring worked with the Wellcome Trust

They had a show and a debate after it

Story telling

Steam cell research


How do we approach the science community?

Talk to them, the right person will be open to the idea


Science Art Conference in Dublin this weekend

Hybrid is a science arts network

Suzie Wilson is with Clod Ensemble

Medical science

Money for the process