A love of science fiction is well served on screen but can it be done on a theatre stage? I called the panel to share thoughts about why we don't see more sci-fi on stage and what can be done about encouraging more of it!

Thoughts put forward included:

* DIY aesthetics - an audience probably realises this isn't going to be Star Wars The Last Jedi so embrace your creativity, it doesn't have to be about special effects and 3D glasses. Well... it might be but you might not have such a huge budget if you're self-producing.
* How do you define 'sci-fi'? There are open interpretations - it's not necessarily all about amazing effects, bells and whistles. And think about your narrative - it's really all about simple stories with humans at the heart, why shouldn't it have a place on stage?
* Can theatre live up to film? And does it matter? What makes theatre, theatre and BETTER than film? What elements are more effective in this genre with the luxury of a live audience and live bodies on stage in close proximity?
* Collaborations - engage a creative team from stage designers to director; lateral thinkers to achieve the atmosphere etc you're after.
* Tricky to stage? Take up the challenge and see where it takes you!
* Understand specifically why the show you're writing is for the stage and why it's a sci-fi story, then use these focused reasons to better pitch to theatres.

Conclusions were there are certainly ways to make it happen and there is an appetite and audience for more imaginative narratives and staging so let's not be scared it's beyond our abilities or needs a huge budget.

Would love your thoughts so please add them in the comments section!