Joined by Beverely and Paul to explore the idea and the interests of each party.
Here are some quick notes to add to the other 3-4 reports on the D&D website which you can explore

Discussions around body self-image (and the potential fear/resistance to unclothing) versus the body/identity change which may be caused for someone where their body under clothes reveals more than they wish to share - mastectomy, transition, deep wounds/scars for example. here the clothes are a part of the identity shown to the world. We explored the mammalian reactions to fear and flight (or freeze as a life model i suppose)

We explored a little on cultural norms (for example would this be a different discussion in Germany / FKK) . And the setting for nakedness is important - a sauna v the office. What is acceptable in society for example.

We talked around WarmthSauna and Beverley's sauna space and the discussions, the freedoms, the tentative observation at the door, the fun which is possible at the liminal edge of an accessible space. Taking the sauna to a festival is very different to taking it to Morecombe Beach for example.

Within a workshop might it be easier to have a direction/matriachal encouragement to go to being totally naked, rather than the option to be clothing optional - half way house. We explored ways to introduce the unclothing. We touched on the challenges of changing rooms in sauna and public spaces where you are with mates and suddenly get undressed. All areas of liminal change and threshholds.

We talked of the three circles of safety/consent in workshops and the Long Table therapy devise was suggested too.

We talked about the need for Spacial Rules to be clear. The joy of an Artisic space which brings in 3-4 disparate communities to share a common experience (in this case naturists, artists, and workshop leaders)

Talked about hiring existing naked spaces - Finnish Sauna in Rotherhithe, Rios Kentish Town, Arlington Baths Glasgow.

Thanks for great discussion