Caroline Hunt, 16 January 2017

Audiences don't want to be told about climate change. They know about it. It was sexy

in 2009-12

Then it wasn't.

Now it is.

The apocalyptic world presented put people off.

Ten Billion, the documentary at the Royal Court in 2005 directed by Katie Mitchell

didn't engage the emotions.

There's already been a massive amount of stuff put out there.

Saving plastic bags and going vegan isn't enough.

It's happening.

Our relationship with our planet?

We're unable to do anything about the time we're in.

Our actions are destroying us.

It's happening now.

It's already too late,

Basically we're fucked.

So how do we do something to make people think about the time we're in?

How do we reach the people who think it's a fake, those who deny it and the like, How

do we reach them?

Entertain them.

Disguise it.

Give it a title that will put bums on seats.

Make it a hit.

Book of Mormon.

Make it funny.

A living cartoon.


Myth. Gilgamesh.

Go and work in the city and make a lot of money in oil, and spend it on a good cause.

Call it something that is nothing to do with climate change.

“ I don't want to see a climate change piece I want to be entertained”

Caroline Hunt