David Bellwood, 27 January 2013

Called by David Bellwood

In attendance - Ashley Steed, Grace Gummer, Jen Bates, Sarah Grange, and other


Who is culpable for terrible productions? At what point should practitioners admit that

they either need help or need the freedom to scrap a project? If help is needed, what

form should it come in?

These questions were all fairly it was stated that everyone should be allowed to fail.

After it was asked, who should be responsible for the autopsy.

Certainly, a marriage guidance councilor should be at hand to resolve relationship

difficulties in a company. Is this the role of the director?

Once a play has been programmed it is the responsibility of everyone to stick with it. Is

that really fair? Probably not…

Fundamentally, we all shared a concern that there be no arbitor of shit.

Points of action:

Downgrade to a Nokia.

Actually get married (preferably to someone outside of the industry).

Avoid kicking the SMs, but consider throwing water at them.


Do not perpetuate the industry wide fear of admitting weakness.

Do not submit to prescriptive budgeting (as this leads to over-produced plays with

flying waitresses).

Let's have a chat with the ACE about more flexible funding schemes.

Boycott plays which are vehicles for one particular actor.

Directors need to know when it is important to show leadership, whatever the outcome

of that may be, without being dickheads (see the ‘dickheads’ session of yesterday).

Watch the film ‘Back Ninja’ and learn from its mistakes.

Get a marriage councilor for your production.