Jenifer Toksvig, 1 February 2013

Called by Alan Sharpington (of DonkeyWork, Ground Rush) in collaboration with

Jenifer Toksvig (of The Copenhagen Interpretation)

on the subject of a project we're developing

about Red and the Wolf

which came about one D&D a few years ago, when we met at the wall, and J asked A:

what's your favourite fairy tale?

Red, he said.

Which part?

The Wolf, he said.

And she liked Red.

A few years have passed, of now and then talking about Red and the Wolf, and now

we're doing something.

Not sure what.

We met with lovely people: Sharon, Sasha, Mary and Mary.

We talked about gender and ages, and seasons and leaves, and snow in the woods.

We talked about open space, and stories that last for 24 hours, and doing it all.

We talked about David Lynch. We talked about poetry. We talked about stories, and

about us.

There will probably be more next year. There might be some space opened before

then. There will certainly be some workshops and exploring.


leaves, hood, cape, red, wolf, woods, snow, mask