Lloyd Davis, 10 January 2016

This was a chance to slow down, not talk and maybe take a snooze.

I took this session to Snail, which seemed to be the slowest and therefore most

appropriate space to use. At first, I thought I'd need to move Snail to some other, more

cosy, nap-worthy position in the building. But as I sat quietly and waited for co-nappers

I realised that there was something good in trying to create a bubble of quiet space on

the edge of the Rep's foyer.

So I made a sign that said:


3pm to 4.30

Quiet time: napping optional

Just join me. No need to say “Hello” or “Goodbye”


I also got my coat because it was a bit chilly and I used that as a blankie and closed

my eyes.

There were sessions going on around me and people were walking in and out of the

foyer but I kept quiet and kept my eyes mostly shut. I focused on my breathing and

stuck with it for an hour and a bit only opening my eyes now and then. I watched all

sorts of images float through my mind in relation to the things I was hearing, both

conversations and the click-clack of winter boots.

When I did look there was invariably someone walking past grinning at me, which is


Thank you to Lisa who came towards the end and obeyed the rules.



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