Queer Theatre & Performance Festival in London

Convener(s): Ingo from Wotever World

Participants: Mark, Andy, Sam, Alex, John, Chris, James, Clara, Nicholas, Martyn, Matthew, Jamie, Sarah, Laura, Theron


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

There will be a festival happening in November! How big and over how many days is still open….

Ingo from Wotever talked about the reason why it will happen… Based on the fact that some performers (from US & Sweden) will be in town at the same time in November 2012. They have all asked to collaborate again with Wotever and as they are good and amazing, they deserve a festival!

Now the question was – would there be others interested in being part – see it happen…. That is how loose this group was…

People came, shared ideas, had input and interest in this to happen. 

Form, Content and Format was talked about, everyone was nice, shared stories and ideas

Quality was discussed, as in what quality control would it be – thoughts about connection and community above quality might be the case. BUT working with Quality Venues 

An email list got created, and knowing Ingo there will be a Facebook group up and running soon….

Facebook Page: Wotever Theatre & Performance Festival

Join Email List: woteverworld[at]gmail[dot]com with WT&PF in the subject field