I held this session to find people to take part in a night I'm holding called QUEER DIARY, where LGBTQ+ people read aloud from their teenage diaries (or poetry, or fanfic, or display their teenage artwork etc etc).

I was alone during this session, and moved on to join other sessions after 40 min, but plenty of people have approached me during the tea-breaks offering their diarys or other writings.

I used the session to email a charity called Educate and Celebrate who support LGBTQ+ sex ed, to see if they'd be interested in being a partner of some sort on these nights or if I could use it to support them. I also had the thought that it would be wonderful to get some kind of sponsorship for these events from a queer-led/focused company that might be able to provide products or money to help the night run, in return for advertising.

If you have a diary, or have any thoughts about what I could do with this idea, get in touch!
[email protected]