In the new year I want to run an r&d for a new puppet show but brand new puppets are costly and, crucially, I don't quite know what kind of puppet is going to be best for the job. I know lots of puppeteers and makers but I'm not certain who has what sitting unused in a cupboard. It would be great if there was a place I could go to view all the unengaged puppets available to borrow.

Set up as an invite-only Facebook group, Puppet Share is a platform for makers/lenders and puppeteers/borrowers to converge. A gallery will show all the puppets on offer detailing the name, dimensions and location of the puppet and Facebook name of the lender underneath.

Puppet share can be found here:

I will administrate the group, vetting trusted users and uploading photos. Said pictures and descriptions can be sent to [email protected]. I propose that this is where my personal responsibly will end. Beyond this lenders and borrowers can contact each other through Facebook where they will arrange the terms of the borrow/lend.

If this platform is popular I will look to create a website.

These are my proposed terms and although they are by no means necessary for a borrow/lend agreement, they may be useful as a guideline:

I encourage borrowers/lenders to use Puppet Share as a free resource, however I understand that makes are precious and costly and sometimes a deposit may be required for peace of mind. This amount will be at the discretion of the lender.

The borrower will agree to pick up and return the borrowed puppet(s) at a time and place convenient for the lender.

The borrowing period will not exceed 4 weeks (unless otherwise agreed by the lender) as this is predominately a resource for research and development and one-off gigs.

If the lender requires the return of the puppet(s) sooner than the 4 weeks borrowing period this should be agreed prior to the lend and adhered to.

In the event of a puppet(s) needing to be returned before the agreed return time the borrower should do their utmost to return the puppet(s) to the lender at a mutually agreed time and place that suits both the lender and borrower.

(I will say at this point that if you, the lender, are even the tiniest bit reluctant to give over a make, don't. Even though borrowers will take the best care to return your puppet in a pristine condition we all know puppets are subject to wear and tear. Some irreplaceable puppets are best kept out of use and out of harms way!)

Happy sharing!