Props pool - could small companies share, loan, store and keep a central database (a mailing list was collected by this group)

Convener(s): Zia

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The following idea is proposed

1/A safe, secure storage facility which has 24 access in Zone 1 – 3 for props, costumes and things that aren’t too big.

2/A central database of what’s in, what’s out and what items are expensive and have a lending charge on them

3/A group emailing system for help, advice and contacts eg/good/cheap resources and places to find things


There are two costs involved; 1/Storage facility that’ll probably be about £200 a month at least and 2/Nominal admin fee – unless we do the admin/database updating on rotation.

The group estimated that if enough small companies were interested, it would probably cost £10 a month. The alternative, that would make it free, is just to have a email club that shares advice, tips and favours.

People need to decide if they want the storage/database or just an email club.

Please contact: [email protected]